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STUDY: #Maternal mortality rates in #Philadelphia are 50% higher than national average via @BizJournals
- 35 minutes ago

The hype of #sharingeconomy. We’ve seen rides and accommodations – next up: #cancer data? Via @Xconomy
- 2 hours ago

How #mobile #tech is giving those previously unbanked in Mexico access to finance: via @TheEconomist
- 5 hours ago

.@AnneField: impact investors don’t have to sacrifice returns to do good, @TheGIIN's new study says. @Forbes #impinv
- 7 hours ago

SURVEY: The world views on #China and the #US – key takeaways on the global perceptions via @PewResearch
- 16 hours ago

RT @PwC_LLP: How can public & private institutions be redesigned to build #trust in the #digital age? Read new article:…
- 2 days ago

.@Gizmodo: How #LA used #bigdata, like cluster analysis & infrared photography, to build a #smartcity in the 70s.
- 3 days ago

.@FT: Increasing demand for #digital talent will change the job market in #healthcare. Read more here:
- 3 days ago

#Socialmedia never sleeps, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. How to take back control: via @SocialTimes
- 3 days ago

Infographic: 80% of people want brands to tell stories as part of their marketing: via @TheDrum #storytelling
- 3 days ago

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Administr@tor Magazine The International Literacy Association (ILA) declared April 14 as Leaders for Literacy Day with the goal of inspiring collective action to address global literacy. The day included both online Twitter chats (#AgeofLiteracy), as well as a panel discussion at the Institute of International Education in New York City.