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Food for thought: "Old power is held like a currency; #newpower flows like a current." @jeremyheimans reflects @ #SMWNYC
- 4 days ago

RT @edhawan: "The danger of our era is that we value what we can measure. Social media can supercharge this tendency." @jeremyheimans #smwn
- 4 days ago

.@Shiza "There was an opportunity to take a horrible tragedy and inspire a movement." @MalalaFund #SMWNYC
- 4 days ago

We're ready for Day 4 of #SMWNYC: @Shiza + @edhawan + @jeremyheimans on Reigniting Human Connectivity #getthingsdone
- 4 days ago

Social media as an equalizer: "Small orgs/#startups integrate it from the start, while big biz had to work backward" -@robharles #SMWNYC
- 5 days ago

"Social media is not a strategy, it's a platform to enable your strategy" - @Brogers825 #SMWAccentureSocial #SMWNYC
- 5 days ago

.@robharles "Interactive social media by businesses needs to be personal, directed and timely- or don't do it" #SMWAccentureSocial #SMWNYC
- 5 days ago

"At first, the entrepreneurial, experimental essence of social media seemed incompatible with structured, established businesses" #SMWNYC
- 5 days ago

.@robharles raises the question- "what's the connection between our social media investment and the results we report to the board?" #SMWNYC
- 5 days ago

Up next at #SMWNYC Day 3: @robharles and @Brogers825 on making social matter #SMWACCENTURESOCIAL
- 5 days ago

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