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RT @Living_Cities: Our website got more than a facelift - it's become a hub for sharing promising practices towards a #newurbanpractice: ht…
- 8 hours ago

How is decision making changing? @PwCAdvisory’s survey explains the new “art & science” in business decision making
- 8 hours ago

.@JakartaGlobe: #APEC economies set new initiatives in the Macao Declaration to boost tourism – 800M tourists by 2025
- 16 hours ago

RT @UN: “The evidence is unequivocal: education saves lives and transforms lives.” @UNESCO #unite4dev #UNGA via @EFA
- 17 hours ago

STUDY: #cities with super fast #Internet are more productive, with 1.1% higher per-capita GDP via @WashingtonPost
- 1 day ago

Patients’ data collection is now easier than ever. @Mashable explains the revolution of #bigdata in #healthcare
- 2 days ago

.@WSJ: #college building booms & #NYC reaps benefits; spending on #highered construction will top $2B this year
- 3 days ago

Good read: @Wired explains the “many cultures” of #innovation; among them include diversity and #divergent culture.
- 3 days ago

Looking to invest in #Alibaba? Read @WSJ’s interactive guide to the company, its founder and expected #IPO will mean.
- 3 days ago

RT @unow: .@SciAm: The role of #tech in #education#adaptivelearning tech, like @PattenU’s, continues to evolve learning exp.…
- 6 days ago

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2014-09-08 18:06:26
Contract Pharma An interview with Bend Research Director Dr. Clint Pepper on MAST, a new automated sampling system in late-stage development at Bend Research that aims to eliminate the problems found with today’s autosamplers.
2014-09-08 18:02:59
Government Executive The Citi Foundation and Living Cities announced on Friday the selection of Louisville, Kentucky; Nashville, Tennessee; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as the first three cities to participate in City Accelerator, a $3 million program that will help cities support innovation and collaboration at the local government level.
2014-09-04 17:59:40
Governing The philanthropic arm of Citigroup, in partnership with the nonprofit Living Cities, has launched a new effort to understand and replicate municipal innovation. Out of an initial group of 35 cities, and six finalists, Citi Foundation and Living Cities selected Philadelphia, Louisville, Ky., and Nashville to receive $3 million in technical assistance over 18 months.
2014-08-27 21:16:11
CNNMoney "The ability to transfer wealth from one generation to the next is the driving force behind ending intergenerational poverty," Living Cities CEO Ben Hecht writes in an op-ed for CNNMoney.
2014-08-05 15:21:08
Yahoo! Finance The cost of private universities has risen 28% over the decade from 2002 to 2012, while student debt in America now clocks in at around $1.2 trillion with seven million people in default, according to The Economist. Gene Wade, founder and CEO of University Now believes he has a solution to some of these issues through his online education model.
2014-07-28 14:07:29
New Scientist David Lane, scientific director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in New York, and discoverer of p53 in 1979, says p53-psi has novel properties that promote cancer growth and that this opens the door to developing drugs that work by suppressing its production. "It's amazing that such surprising discoveries are still being made about p53 so many years after its initial discovery," he says.