Case Study

Global healthcare company evolves strategy to advance DEI with measurable impact + outcomes

A global healthcare company refreshed its global diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy to ensure its relevance and impact on the issues confronting our society today.


> Create internal communications strategy.
Create an evolved DEI narrative and strategy to inspire and engage all employees globally with an increased focus on equity and ensuring global relevance at the country-level.


> Inspire and energize stakeholders.
Our client generated enthusiasm among employees through a robust communications campaign to help stakeholders understand their role in advancing the DEI strategy through diverse representation and creating an inclusive environment to drive business impact.


> Provide people the tools they need.
Leaders needed to have a clear, unified message about the global DEI strategy and a way to cascade it to their teams across the globe. Comprehensive tools and resources were developed, housed in one digital platform and translated into multiple languages to reach all audiences. Digital assets included animated GIFs, Zoom backgrounds, plasma video screens, a video telling the story, leader talk points and slide deck, employee engagement playbooks and website copy.
Person in art gallery, facing a glitter rainbow mural.


> An increased sense of ownership and execution of the DEI strategy.
The assets and initiatives that were created engaged employees in the campaign to help them better understand their role in owning and advancing DEI, embed it in how they run their teams and businesses and hold themselves accountable.People embraced the strategy, reinforcing that DEI is the responsibility of everyone.