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Global Gateway Advisors is committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at our firm and with our clients.

Our Focus

1.​ People

> We attract and develop talented people with globally diverse backgrounds because we believe different perspectives lead to a stronger firm culture, more informed, thoughtful work and better client service.

> We are an equal opportunity employer.

> We celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion and strive to ensure fairness and consistency in our recruiting, hiring and the professional development of our people.

2. Initiatives

> Our employee-inspired and led Equity, Belonging + Community (EBC) team drives our internal DEI strategy with ongoing efforts to build our understanding of different cultures and perspectives on our team and in the world around us.

> We believe appreciating differences and bridging diverse perspectives with compassion and learning leads to greater understanding. We work with our clients to promote mutual understanding, empathy and collaboration to affect positive change in their communities through transparent and open communication.

> We are passionate and connected advisors with a commitment to global citizenship. We collaborate with clients as partners to advocate for a more just and fair global society where we all have the opportunity to thrive.

3. Growth

> We aim to be better counselors and people by knowing how to identify and change behaviors to become more inclusive. We integrate diversity, equity and inclusion training into our professional development program, including:

> Anti-bias + implicit bias> Inclusion + belonging> Managing equitably> Empowering others

> We affirm our commitment to being an inclusive firm, open to the expression of ideas and individuality. We all belong here, and it matters to us that we keep this focus front and center.

Equity,Belonging +Community

Our employee-inspired and led Equity, Belonging + Community team advances awareness and engagement, affirms our commitment to being an open and inclusive firm, creates positive change in our local and global communities, and advocates for transparent and open communication.

​​> We celebrate milestones + observances with firm gatherings, educational resources and discussions.

> We support local and global nonprofits that advance underrepresented groups and causes.

> We volunteer in our local and global communities.

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