What We Do Every Day

What is it like to work at Global Gateway Advisors? What exactly will I be doing each day? 

Mostly, we pay attention. We read the news and listen to the conversations and dialogue taking place. We do a lot of listening. 

We ask questions. We get curious. What does success look like for our clients? How might we create the conditions for it?

We ideate. We partner with our clients and invite fresh minds and perspectives to the table to share insights and ideas.

We read. We read the news, books, blogs, papers, perspectives. 

We develop programs. We develop strategic plans and build on ideas to create effective communications programs.

We collaborate with each other and our clients closely. We are sounding boards, coaches, encouragers and trusted advisors.

We build relationships with thought leaders, journalists, experts and influencers. 

We move fast, and slow. Quickly when it’s called for—we are responsive to our clients and the issues that affect them. More measured when you’re nurturing a big idea that needs time to come to light.

We create compelling content. Our team includes talented writers and creators, and we partner with creative designers and producers to make sure our clients’ messages are clear and resonate.