How We Make Flexible Hybrid Working Work

Global Gateway Advisors values and supports flexibility as part of our hybrid, future-forward workforce model. We believe it empowers employees to do great work for our clients.

Headquartered in New York City, our team stretches nationwide and internationally. Our work model includes two days a week in-person (for those in the NYC area) at our lively office space, and remaining days are worked remotely. Employees in locations around the country and world work remotely and regularly visit our Financial District office for firm and client meetings.

View of the Manhattan bridge from Dumbo.

Our goal is to provide employees with a consistent experience, no matter where they perform their duties and ensure we all stay connected to and engaged with our clients, our work and the broader team. To foster greater connection and collaboration, we hold twice-monthly all-hands meetings and regular client team check-ins. Each week we hold stand-up meetings on Zoom where we connect and discuss non-work related topics. Our monthly internal newsletter, “In the Block,” helps us stay informed and in sync about the firm’s latest happenings. Gatherings, like our annual in-person #LEAD summit, allow us to strengthen relationships and discuss best practices, lessons learned, challenges and solutions.