Global Gateway Advisors hosts CBS Streaming for fireside chat

May 1, 2023

Global Gateway Advisors recently welcomed CBS Streaming producer Sofia Grimsgard for a fireside chat live and in-person in NYC with our colleagues, clients and friends. She shared great insights and advice to better equip communicators with tools to get stories out into the media – specifically broadcast.

It was helpful to hear more about the difference between streaming and network sites, the ABCs of pitching producers and how to ensure we offer the best spokespeople. 

Below are four tactical takeaways Sofia shared for consideration when developing a media plan that includes broadcast. 

  1. Pitch one producer. They will make sure your pitch gets sent to the correct show. Keep in mind CBS Streaming and Network Broadcast fall under one umbrella, although Streaming has a younger audience. 
  2. When pitching a producer, always include the news peg up front. Make it easy for them to forward the pitch to their team without any additional research or rewriting by featuring it in the first few sentences. 
  3. Once booked, provide talking points to the production team. Also, offer any b-roll or images you have that can help complete their segment. 
  4. Prep your spokesperson. CBS Streaming calls interviews “conversations,” because they last between 5-7 minutes – rather than 30-60 second sound bites – so interviewees should be prepared with appropriate talking points. If possible, offer a spokesperson in the outlet’s hub city. In-person interviews allow for more banter with the hosts and relationship building with the outlet. In-person interviews will also get prioritized. 

Thank you, Sofia, for joining us!