The critical quotient to effectively protect reputation is preparedness.

Organizations that map vulnerabilities, assess potential scenarios and build clarity on team members’ roles and responsibilities are more likely to effectively manage incidents when they happen.

Global Gateway Advisors helps companies build “risk-aware and ready” cultures that quickly flag, assess and respond to crises ranging from cyberattacks and natural disasters to workplace violence and unplanned leadership changes.

We work with organizations of all sizes, and operating within all geographies and sectors, to help build teams to manage domestic and cross-border events and issues. Our approach includes:


Vulnerability Assessment + Plan

We determine the most likely threats facing an organization based on its industry, geography, societal environment and other unique issues. We develop a communications plan to navigate how the organization engages during an event with internal and external stakeholders.

Quarterly Table Talk Drills

We meet with leadership four times a year to review new developments and revise our approach based on emerging or declining threats as well as personnel changes. We then feed updates into the communications plan so it’s ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Response Teams

When events happen, we know the organization and can provide strategic counsel and additional support, such as real-time review of the plan, update scenarios, develop messaging and materials, manage media relations and provide real-time monitoring and reporting to assess stakeholder reactions and guide a go-forward approach.

Training Workshops

We lead modules for full- and half-day, in-person or remote training sessions to review the communications plan, develop understanding of scenarios, review and practice roles and responses, and better familiarize new and existing team members on processes, materials and emerging threats.

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